Team POP is a collaboration of certified orthotists and prosthetists, hard working technicians, wonderful office administration.  

Our staff are some of the best in the industry and are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to each and every patient they encounter.


Jimmy Colson

Jimmy Colson: Owner and CEO, ABC Certified Orthotist (CO)

Jimmy was born in California and relocated to Las Vegas in 1988. Once moving to Las Vegas, he knew he had found his place. With a love and passion for helping others, Jimmy began working for a Ma & Pa company named Nevada Limb & Brace. When he decided to start his own company, he wanted to emulate the values he saw there: compassion, dedication, and the importance of a family setting. Jimmy is an American Board Certified Orthotist. He is also certified in cranial remolding helmets, scoliosis bracing, and all custom orthosis. With over 20 years of seeing patients in the community, he knows that he and his company will give the best personal patient experience, while fitting every need and/or desire POP’s patients have. When Jimmy is not at the company, he tries to make the most of his time for his family. He loves spending time with his wife, daughter, and son. Jimmy's hobbies include growing his own corals in his 1,100 gallon reef tank, being an avid Steelers fan, a huge music and movie buff, a published poet, and a world traveler. Jimmy is also now a published, best-selling author! Read more about Jimmy’s book and his journey from homelessness to where he is today on his website,

Sara Colson

Sara Colson: CFO, ABC Certified Fitter-Mastectomy (CFM)

Born and raised in Michigan, Sara relocated to Las Vegas in 2006. She met CEO Jimmy Colson in 2007, and they were married the same year. Sara was drawn to Jimmy's compassion for helping others. Sara started working in the front office administration with POP in 2007. When her aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer, she took a personal interest, and moved on to become an American Board Certified Mastectomy Fitter in 2010. Sara is trained in advanced mastectomy, custom breast prosthetics, compression hose, and lymphedema arm sleeves and gauntlets. In Sara's spare time she loves spending time with Jimmy and their daughter Liliana. Her hobbies are traveling, photography, and scrapbooking.

Jeff Eschenburg

Jeff Eschenburg: Lead Prosthetist, ABC Certified Prosthetist (CP)

Michigan native Jeff suffered severe injuries in a farming mishap at the age of 12, resulting in the amputation of his leg above the knee. Disenchanted with the function of his prosthesis while studying business in college, Jeff decided to shift his studies to Health Science in Preventive and Rehabilitative Programs. He entered the field of prosthetics as a technician in 1995, and attended Northwestern University to receive a clinical certificate in Prosthetics in 1998. Jeff spent years working directly with physicians in Michigan on improving amputation techniques to provide the best outcome for amputees, and he has a passion for sharing these ideas with surgeons. After spending four years in Michigan working with surgeons, he was offered a position as Lead Prosthetist at POP. He relocated his family and moved across country to Las Vegas. Jeff enjoys spending time outdoors with his family when he is not in the office, and plays defense for the Vegas Golden Knights Sled Hockey team. Go Knights! Jeff also runs 5k races and is passionate about encouraging other amputees in the Las Vegas area to be more active, and to take advantage of the benefits in the latest prosthetic technologies.

Ryan King

Ryan King: Masters of Science in Prosthetics and Orthotics (MSPO), ABC Certified Prosthetist Orthotist (CPO)

Ryan is originally from Pennsylvania, where he began his career in O&P at his father’s shoe store. There, he received his certification in pedorthics and provided shoes and foot orthotics to people suffering from a wide array of foot problems. After receiving his MSPO degree, he did his orthotics and prosthetics residencies in St. Louis, working at the St. Louis children’s hospital and at Barnes Jewish Hospital. Ryan has worked with both children and adults with all types of neuromuscular disorders, and amputations at a variety of levels. He has participated in volunteer work with multiple associations, including The Amputee Blade Runners Charity in Nashville TN, The Muscular Dystrophy Association, and United Cerebral Palsy. Ryan is now extremely excited to be a part of the clinical team here at POP Prosthetics. In his free time, he likes to hike with his wife at Red Rock and Mt. Charleston, and explore all that Las Vegas has to offer.

William Holzwarth

William Holzwarth: ABC Certified Prosthetist Orthotist (CPO)

William, a native of California, has worked over 25 years in the orthotic and prosthetic industry. He served as a Navy Corpsman during the latter part of the Vietnam conflict. He treated veterans and active-duty military returning home with harsh wounds caused by the conflict. Upon discharge from the Navy, Bill was able to take his technical skills as an orthopedic surgical assistant to a Veterans hospital in Northern California, assisting orthopedic surgeons and providing follow-up care for vets. Bill assisted in many lower limb amputations in the operating room. Moved by what he saw, Bill pursued his new interest in orthotics and prosthetics at the University of California, Berkeley. He later transferred to California State University’s Dominguez Hills’ Prosthetic & Orthotic program, where he graduated with a BS degree in Health Sciences in 1986. Bill loves being on the water and is an avid sailor, with his own sailboat on Lake Mead.

Teresa LaPorte

Teresa LaPorte: BOC Certified Orthotist (BOCO), BOC Certified Prosthetist (BOCP), ABC Certified Pedorthist (C.PED), ABC Certified Orthotist (CO)

Teresa has spent most of her life living and working in the Las Vegas Valley, and has over 40 years of experience. She understands both personally and professionally the unique care needs of O & P patients and their family members. Her father, Jerry Fullerton (himself an amputee), completed the education and training to become a certified prosthetist/orthotist and began caring for patients in 1967. As a child, Teresa would go to work with her father at the Fullerton family business, Superior Limb & Brace Co., where she learned the importance of not only providing superior products, but also exceptional patient support. Teresa knew that O&P was her niche. She began attending workshops, classes and conferences while training under her father. After years of education and training, Teresa earned numerous certifications including the ABC Certified Orthotist (CO) , and the Board for Certification Prosthetist Orthotist (BOCO). Teresa also specializes in providing compression garments for vascular, lymphedema, and burn patients.

Elden Henry-Pottinger

Elden Henry-Pottinger: BOC Certified Orthotist (BOCO)

Elden is a Board Certified Orthotist/Board Eligible Prosthetist. Born in Costa Rica and raised in Southern California, he studied Business Pre-Law at Pacific Union College in Northern California. Growing up, Elden aspired to become a corporate attorney, however, he realized that it was not to be his passion. After college, Elden served in the United States Air Force for four years. Pursuing his love of science, he served as a meteorologist. Shortly after separating honorably from the Air Force, he realized that he could apply his diverse background and varied skill sets into helping others. In 2004 he discovered that Orthotics and Prosthetics would be his true calling. During his career in O&P, Elden has served as a technician, fitter, front and back office roles, practice manager, and clinical director. Elden is passionately involved with the Muscular Dystrophy Association and ALS of Nevada monthly clinics. In his free time, Elden enjoys spending time with his children, reading, and is an avid sports fan.

Mike Weide

Mike Weide: BOC Certified Pedorthist (BOCPD), BOC Certified Orthotic Fitter (COF)

Mike is a certified Pedorthist, and Certified Orthotic Fitter and joined the field in 2009. He worked his way up by working in every area until being able to see patients. In 2011, he became a certified fitter. Then, In 2015, he took the necessary courses and moved up to become a Pedorthist. He enjoys helping patients get back their quality of life and takes pride making their lives easier. When Mike isn't working at POP, he enjoys working on cars, riding motorcycles, and spending time with his wife Megan (POP’s office manager and Prosthetic Coordinator), and their daughter Lola.

Jessica Bodary

Jessica Lyn Bodary: Masters Prosthetics & Orthotics (MPO), Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist (CPO)

Born and raised in A small town in Michigan. Completed my bachelors in Kinesiology from Michigan State Univesity (Go Green!) then moved on to complete my masters in prosthetics and orthotics from northwestern university feinberg school of medicine in Chicago IL. I moved cross country to San Francisco, CA. To pursue my orthotics residency at Hanger clinic, then took the move down to the San Diego Hanger Clinic to finish my prosthetic residency. I love travel, exploring, and adventures- pretty much anything outdoors (I’m a child of the sun). I used to coach Special Olympic Soccer and Basketball back in Michigan. Now I am a part of the LimbKind Foundation where we travel to third world countries to provide prosthetics for children in need.

Eric Eierdam

Eric Eierdam: Amputee Advocate, BOC Certified Orthotic Fitter (COF)

Eric has always been the type to work hard for what he wants in life, and strives to go after his dreams, in spite of being an above-knee amputee since 2002 due to a traumatic motorcycle wreck. Eric competed with the US Paralympic Team, and was the number one ranked para-skeleton athlete in the for world 3 years in a row. He understands what is required for great prosthetics and great prosthetic providers and he enjoys working with only the very best! He hopes to be able to offer people help, support, and advice from his experience and be a pillar of strength for other amputees. Eric now plays defense for the Vegas Golden Knights Sled Hockey team with POP Prosthetist Jeff. A husband and father to three, Eric tries to prioritize his time around his family whenever possible. In the summer, they love to go on hikes, explore the yard for bugs, and spend time at the lake tubing and cliff diving. The majority of their free time is spent in their family pool at home, having BBQ's with friends and playing at various splash pads. In the winter time they love sledding, snowboarding and snow-biking.

Ashlee Artus, PTA- Marketing/Rehab Liaison

Ashlee is a die hard native of Las Vegas, NV, she loves her city! She graduated with her bachelors as a Physical Therapy Assistant in 2008. Ashlee hopes to soon complete the bridger course to obtain her DPT. She has always had a passion for helping patients obtain their highest level of independence. She is excited to help share her passion with POP and be part of the team. She is a mother of two children ages nine and four, and in her spare time she is an ice hockey mom.

Matt Tapley: Prosthetic Orthotic Technician

Originally from Connecticut, Matt has been living in Las Vegas since 2007. Matt started with a national prosthetic and orthotic company in 2004 where he gained his skills. Matt has been with POP for over ten years, and he thoroughly enjoys his job helping people with their orthotic and prosthetic needs! Matt is an avid hockey player and fan. On his evenings and days off, you can always find Matt on the ice.

Aaron Acosta

Aaron Acosta: Orthotic Technician

Aarón was born in Sonora, Mexico, and migrated to Scottsdale, Arizona, in 1988. Aarón has a passion for serving those in need and old vehicles. With his entire childhood being exposed to both of these fields, Orthotics and old cars by his father Pancho Acosta fabricating orthotic braces and shoes at home and working on vehicles. He began his journey in the orthotic field at the young age of 17 and still in high school. He learned and mastered all of the different departments in the fabrication field, and with years of experience, he went on to train other technicians. In 2005 he moved onto the CAD Design department to manage and train new designers. Aarón, moved to Las Vegas in 2019 and has been given the opportunity to work for POP Prosthetics ever since. Aarón brings 24 plus years of experience to this company and will continue to be of service to others by fabricating devices to help improve the quality of lives of the patients.

Saadya Meneses

Saadya Meneses: Technician

Saadya was born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona and moved to Las Vegas eleven years ago. Saadya is a percussionist with marimba being her favorite instrument to play. She was in a band for six years throughout middle school and high school. She made a career change after working at Lowe's and was given an opportunity to work as a technician at POP Prosthetics. Before POP Prosthetics she spent her time serving the less fortunate and now loves helping those with their orthotic and prosthetic needs. She is bilingual and loves translating for those who need it. She has fallen in love with the orthotic field and hopes to continue to grow with this company.

Hope Bevilhymer

Hope Bevilhymer: Technician

Hope Bevilhymer lives up to her name. She provides hope to people all over the world who have experienced limb loss. Hope had her right leg amputated below the knee at the age of 25. Due to her own experience with limb loss, she advocates around the globe for others who have experienced amputation. Hope founded The Limbs of Hope Foundation in October 2003. The organization works to collect prosthetics in the United States and ship or deliver them to developing countries. Hope has won numerous awards and accolades for her humanitarian work, including the Greatest Hometown Hero Award and the Volvo for Life Award. Hope currently serves as goalie for both the USA Women's Para Ice Hockey Team and the Las Vegas Golden Knights Sled Hockey Team. We are so happy to have her on Team POP as well!

Megan Weide

Megan Weide: Office Manager and Prosthetic Coordinator

Megan has been with POP since 2011, and she has been one of POP’s most dedicated employees! She originally started as a front office administrator, was promoted in 2014 to Front Office Supervisor, then onto Assistant Office Manager and Prosthetic Coordinator. Megan loves being able to assist patients in anyway possible. She enjoys spending her spare time with her husband Mike, Pedorthist and Orthotic Fitter at POP, and their new daughter Lola.

Jennifer Ballard

Jennifer Ballard: Front Office Supervisor and Billing Specialist

Jennifer has over seventeen years of medical experience. She was hired at POP in January 2016. Working in the orthotics and prosthetics field is her passion and she truly enjoys everything she does here at POP. She has been a Las Vegas resident for over twenty five years. She loves being apart of people’s lives and helping them in any way possible. Jennifer is a currently in school full-time for her Bachelor's of Science in Health Administration to help her excel in her career. Jennifer has six children and enjoys spending time with them and her family whenever possible.

Chanté Torno

Chanté Torno: CFm, COF- Office Administrator

Chanté joined the POP family in April 2019. She has worked in healthcare for over a decade. She is a great asset to our POP family. Chanté has five children who she enjoys spending her free time with.

Tori Chavez

Tori Chavez: Office Administrator

Tori is so happy to be at POP pursuing a career in the field of Orthotics and Prosthetics. Tori says, "I never thought that my career path in veterinary care and elementary education would lead me here, but it has and I am so grateful. Tori is happily married to her best friend, Hector. In their free time, they enjoy playing video games, watching movies, and cuddling with their critters.

Cristhian Catalan

Cristhian Catalan: Office Administrator

Cristhian was born in Los Angeles. In 2019, he joined the POP family. He is always eager to learn new things. It feels good to be able to help so many people in my community. Thanks to POP I now want to strive for more success and to become a practitioner one day. On my days off I’m always attending dance classes and playing video games.

Crystal Rivera

Crystal Rivera, COF: Office Administrator

Crystal began her career with POP Prosthetics in 2019. She was raised in Las Vegas for the majority of her life. She is currently working on attaining her BOC certification for orthotic fitting. She wants to continue growing and being a part of the POP family by taking a more hands on approach with patients. During her leisure time she enjoys watching movies and spending time with her daughter and at some point she aspires to live in New Zealand.

Michelle Sanchez

Michelle Sanchez: Office Administrator

Born and raised in Michigan and the sister of Sara Colson, CFO. Michelle has recently relocated to Las Vegas to lend a helping hand in her sisters fast-growing business. Michelle is new to the Orthotics and Prosthetics world but brings a unique outlook to her role here as office administrator. In the a past Michelle has used her BS in Psychology to Advocate for Families in poverty not only as a Family Development Coordinator for the Head Start Program but also by sitting on numerous food bank and community resource committees as well as co-coordinating a county wide backpack and school supply giveaway. Michelle has written grants for programs that empower parents to be their child’s best medical advocate through UCLA’s “I CAN” and collaborated with local farmers to ensure children under the age of 5 received fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the summer months. Her love for others stems from watching her mother dedicate herself to a life of service and is fostered by her daughter's unwavering empathy.

Maria Romero

Maria Romero: Office Administrator

Maria moved to Las Vegas from El Salvador with her family at the age of five. She has lived in Las Vegas since. She graduated from Chaparral High School and is currently attending College of Southern Nevada. Maria is very involved in events that give back to the Las Vegas community. In 2018 Maria was crowned Miss Central American Coalition which has given her the opportunity to meet different organizations of the civil society. Besides being involved in community outreach, Maria’s hobbies include; hiking, reading and hanging out with friends and family. Maria joined team POP in August of 2019. This has led her to want to get more involved with prosthetics and orthotics. “Joining team POP has introduced me to a world which I didn’t know much about. I am glad to have joined this team/family and look forward to learning more about this medical field.” -Maria

Gabriela Rivas: Pecos Administrative Lead

Gabriela was born in El Salvador, raised in North Hollywood California and moved to Las Vegas in 2006. She decided she wanted to make the Medical field her Career in 2011 and has enjoyed every minute of it. On her free time she loves; cooking, hanging out her dog, Family and Friends.

Marivic Echipare- Office Administrator

Marivic was born on Oahu, Hawaii and moved to Las Vegas at a young age. She completed her Bachelor's of Science in Kinesiological Sciences from UNLV in 2018. Upon graduation she received her licensing as a Registered Behavior Technician working with children with Autism. After working a few months in the field she realized it wasn't for her. About a year and a half later, she was given the oppurtunity to work at POP and is enjoying every bit of her experience. Every day has not only been a learning experience but a realization of why she enjoyed learning about human movement in college. She has a passion to help other be better. During Marivic's free time she loves traveling, spending time with her family and friends and hiking. She absolutely love her dog, Nina and treats her like a baby.

Deena Rodrgiuez- Office Administrator

Bio coming soon.

Robert Phillips

Robert Phillips: Purchasing, Accounts Payable

Rob got his start in the profession as a technician. Many people believe Rob got into O&P profession because he lost a bet. Not true. Like most people, Rob was in a dead-end job, looking for a solid career. In 2008 he began his new career as an orthotic technician. Rob joined POP in 2011 as a technician and found his niche in purchasing and inventory. In 2019 he became POP's Accounts payable Office. He is our resident Joker and is always ready to make all of us laugh. Outside of POP, he enjoys hunting down collectibles and spending time with his family and friends.

Lorena Lopez-Bernal

Lorena Lopez-Bernal: Purchasing and Inventory

Lorena began her O&P career in 2016. She has a strong passion for organization and excels at Purchasing and Inventory. Lorena looks forward to all the opportunities POP has to offer and can’t wait for the future. When not working, Lorena loves spending time with her two daughters. She also enjoys doing many physical activities and exploring all that Vegas has to offer.

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